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Bourgeois Concerto with Windband

Postby davetubaking » Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:29 am

Here's the first performance of Bourgeois 2nd tuba concerto in the Windband version. ... version-wp" target="_blank" target="_blank

Once again somethings went well some not so well. The Band did pretty well as it was all put together on the day.

Having now done all three versions Its time to get it out there and performed by someone else and I'd really like to hear a professional performance.

The Windband version works really well this performance lacked a contrabassoon and stringbass but I can see it being popular in the US and Europe where Windbands are much bigger business than the UK.

It should be published by Hafabra music in the brass and wind band versions (and with piano accompaniment) but they seem to be taking their time about it. Should anyone be interested in the orchestral version they can get in touch with me.

David Carter" target="_blank - tuba ensemble and brass band MP3s - free to enjoy
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