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Rep Decks - Studio Series: Tuba Edition

Postby Kenneth Amis » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:23 am

Hello Fellow Tuba Players,

I wanted to make you aware of a new educational product I developed that's available for sale that can help you and/or your students learn the tuba audition rep while having some fun. It's called Rep Decks.
I've started with two series, each containing several editions.
Rep Decks -
Orchestral Series: Starter Edition
Orchestral Series: Undergraduate Edition
Orchestral Series: Graduate Edition
Studio Series: Trumpet Edition
Studio Series: Horn Edition
Studio Series: Trombone Edition
Studio Series: Tuba Edition

They're normal decks of playing cards with the added feature of quoting a short musical excerpt in the middle of the card. In addition to using them like a regular deck of cards, I've developed over a dozen games with varying difficulty that musicians and music enthusiasts can play to challenge each other and increase their knowledge of the rep. The games manuals and answer keys are available for free and players are encouraged to customize and develop their own games.

The Orchestral Series contains excerpts from every orchestral instrument - the snippets that you hear bleeding through the practice room walls at most music schools/camps. The chosen excerpts are balanced among instruments so that no one instrumentalist has an advantage. This is a good series for increasing your general knowledge of orchestral music and playing with non-tuba players.

Each edition in the Studio Series contains excerpts for a specific instrument. For example, the Tuba Edition contains 54 excerpts that may show up on a professional orchestral or military band audition. The basic gist is, "Can you identify an excerpt by sight if it doesn't contain the time signature, articulations and starts in the middle of the phrase?"

You can go now to to purchase the Rep Deck you want.

If people find Rep Decks useful (and I can at least break even on these things) I'll continue with studio editions for woodwinds, strings and percussion.
Here is a short youTube video for the brass editions in the Studio Series.

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