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IRIS Orchestra: Scheherazade excerpt

Postby bloke » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:42 pm

I just stumbled across this, when rummaging around on youtube looking for something else.

I believe I understand why it is only an "excerpt".

Michael talked Joshua Bell into sticking around for the second half, and serving as concertmaster/soloist in Scheherazade. I suspect that licensing/etc. would have been really sticky regarding releasing Joshua's solo passages...Thus: an "excerpt" where Josh played no solos. btw...This was the end of the year, and there was an after-reception orchestra party down the road which lasted until c. 3 A.M. Joshua stayed for the entire party, with his Strad carelessly shoved under a chair. :shock:

There is very little tuba in this excerpt...Regarding the few tuba notes heard in this excerpt, though, this was during bloke's "RM 5/4 period". That instrument (which "outgrew" me, I suppose :lol: ) now belongs to cjk. The beginning of the horn solo at the very end is Amy Jo Rhine. She now serves as 2nd horn with the LAPO.

This orchestra is very unusual, as it consists of musicians who play in major orchestras, per-service orchestras, teach at universities, are members of chamber ensembles, etc. ...but all who meet Michael's standards. "The list" is probably close to twice the size of the actual orchestra, and whoever can play a concert (up to the number of personnel needed) is scheduled. The majority of the musicians fly in on Thursday, the first rehearsal is on Thursday night (followed by a catered dinner), and a portion of the second rehearsal is always broadcast (a gutsy thing to do) from noon to 1 on Fridays. By then the orchestra is gelling, everyone is back into everyone's else "groove", and it's off to the races. ...and the orchestra REALLY treats the musicians WELL, including a very generously-and-constantly-stocked "green room" with a spread that resembles what I've seen outside the dressing rooms of big-name rock bands...EVEN on Sunday prior-to-and-during the matinee. After the second concert (Sunday matinee) everyone departs with hugs and looks forward to the next month. It really is a "family" of musicians.
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