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Derek Bourgeois - trombone concerto mvt. 2

Postby bloke » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:57 pm

Wes Lebo serves as our second trombone, and performed the complete Bourgeois Trombone Concerto with us a couple of weeks ago.

Wes played trombone in high school, enlisted in the Marines after high school (nope, not as a musician) and - after his stint with the Marines - went into carpentry.
Several years ago, he decided that he wanted to play the trombone again.
Nope, he did not enroll in any conservatory; he (simply) practiced
(so he's yet another example - yes, they exist - that bloke occasionally offers forth here as a "self-taught" person).

He also serves as second trombone in the Memphis Symphony and the Savannah Philharmonic, and plays with some orchestras in the Carolina's. He was the principal trombonist with the Mississippi Symphony for a year or two (as well as playing in the Baton Rouge orchestra) but I believe he decided that his schedule was too hectic. He still does some carpentry, and also does some teaching (I'm thinking: roughly a "half-time" job) at a local high school (instrumental music).

As to this piece, just before I pasted the link here was the first time (honestly) I actually "heard" it. His sound was - nearly completely - going out into the hall, and (really) we couldn't hear very much and had to trust Peter Shannon's conducting. If you haven't heard the piece before, the first movement is very heroic, and the third movement is blazing fast.

You can't watch this without a facebook account, but - well, if you don't have one - you've survived until now, and, I'm sure you'll do just fine henceforth.
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