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tuba+electronics album release: Starlust by Men Wearing Dresses

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 12:28 pm
by jbaylies
Starlust is an album composed with the intention of fusing elements of low brass performance with electronic music (such as dubstep). In this album, CC tuba, F tuba, euphonium, flugabone, bass trombone, and serpent are played, sometimes with electronic effect and combined with chiptune and beats. Synths, brass parts, and lyrics were composed by Brendan Ige (pronounced ee-gay). All backing track beats were composed by John Baylies (pronounced bay-less). Men Wearing Dresses hopes to continue creating relevant music for years to come. This album is meant to evoke feelings of space and the galaxy. The size and scope and how large the universe is can be truly humbling as a single human. We hope you enjoy this album.