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Postby windshieldbug » Fri May 06, 2005 11:17 am

I can add a couple of cents from my viewpoint, even if it was just a regional orchestra, and not one of the "bigs"...

If they thought that anyone was close, they have a couple of options. One, in every contract I've seen (and I was head of the player's committee and negotiated three of ours) there is a waiting period, typically a year, before a player becomes tenured, so that is NOT even an issue here. The idea of not being able to fire someone only even happens down the road if the person works out. Two, if it was close, they certainly could have had a finalist play a series to see how they "perform" under concert conditions with various sections. We even did this for our "minor" job.

I was not at the Philly audition, so I don't know specifics, nor have I heard from friends, but to assume that because you can play the part is not good enough. That is assumed going in. Even though I was always amazed at the people who showed up, hoping that they could string together enough good excerpts and not making it. Or people having a bad day. Yes, everyone has bad days, but the person that you are looking for can already play the part held down by terrorists and fighting off a sumo wrestler. You owe that to the paying customers. You are looking for concept of sound, ensemble, intonation, and things like instinctive interpretation. Experience, because you will be playing really tough stuff, sometimes at sight, so concept of where your part fits in the fabric is a must. Added to that, the ability to change all of that on a dime at the whim of a conductor.

Yes, it's a tough business with dwindling revenues. And yes, people have taken major orchestra jobs and then gone back to their previous ones on their own accord. It is not comparable to many other situations, but it is what it is. The situation of not meeting the requirements does not mean you have to change the requirements. Just be ready for them.
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Once got the "hand" as a cue
Once got the "hand" as a cue
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