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Auditions Approaching!

Postby Alan Baer » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:57 am

First of all, Happy New Years Everyone!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll have room both at Rutgers AND Mannes for Graduate and Undergraduate players! AND.. there IS scholarship money! How much depends on your audition AND your transcripts.
A bit about each school.
Rutgers. Many may not know much about Rutgers, Mason School for the Arts.
This is a school that is about an hour train ride from NYC. (I actually live 10 mins from campus and take this train everyday to work with the NY Phil).
I feel this is a great opportunity for students to get the benefits from living close to the city BUT.. not paying the price of living in the city!
Currently our brass faculty is made up of members of the New York Philharmonic, The Metropolitan Opera, and some of New York's finest freelance and Broadway players. I would compare this facility to any school! Check out the roster!
There is a huge chamber music program, two orchestras, a wind ensemble, a brass ensemble, two symphonic bands, and the Rutgers Marching Band.
In addition, a Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble (last semester 22 strong), a trombone, trumpet, and horn ensemble!
If you want to keep busy, get great instruction, AND be able to have wonderful groups to actually put that instruction to use, this is the place you need to check out! Everything you need to know is on the web page below." target="_blank

I have now been at Mannes for over 10 years! Mannes has seen some incredible changes over the years and they have moved!! They are now on the campus of the New School. The Facility is wonderful!! AND.. so is the area!
If you like actual city living, this is the area you want to be!
Mannes is a conservatory style school that also has a wonderful faculty! Students study with a vast range of players who are currently playing in the New York Philharmonic, The Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, Freelance, the list goes on!
Students will play in orchestra, brass class, chamber groups, as well as having their weekly lessons. Keep in mind, Mannes has one of the strongest academics and theory departments, of ALL the city schools. It's a very balanced program in this respect, and many of their players have gone on to win jobs in many of the top orchestras, including ensembles based right in NYC. You can see all the graduates names listed in the entryway as you enter the new facility. At this school there is room for 3 players as my current two will graduate this spring. This is a great opportunity
to go to school and live in NYC! All the info for Mannes can be seen here:" target="_blank

OK, so many have asked me about Juilliard as well. Currently, this studio is at capacity. However, that does not mean that we know for certain that everyone can return for next year. Should you apply? Yes! If you are in the city auditioning for the other schools and you can do the audition, Yes, by all means do it! Think about it, it's an audition experience that is far cheaper than you'll get down the road!! AND, you keep all your doors open just in case a spot opens up. More info on Juilliard here:" target="_blank

I hope this helps to give you some insight about these schools! If you have further questions, Please email me directly!
All the Best in the New Year!
Alan Baer" target="_blank
Alan Baer
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