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NWRTEC 2017 Competition Results

Postby euphoniac84 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:57 pm

Below are the results of the 2017 NWRTEC solo and quartet competitions!

Young Artist Tuba

1. Andrew Rink (Washington State University)
2. Calvin Stipe (Central Washington University)
3. Juan Valdez (University of Oregon)

Young Artist Euphonium

1. Samantha Gilkey (University of Oregon)
2. Tim Graffuis (Western Washington University)
3. Riley Lord (Central Washington University)

Artist Tuba

1. Clare Brennan (University of Oregon)
2. Alexander McCartney (Washington State University)
3. Amy Feeney (Western Washington University)

Artist Euphonium

1. Kasil Brenner (Kent, WA)
2. Thomas Janssen (University of Oregon)


1. UO Ducktet (University of Oregon)
2. Central Transit Quartet (Central Washington University)
3. TransCon Quartet (Washington State University)
Dr. Chris Dickey
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