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NERTEC 2017 Competition Winners

Postby JTCtuba89 » Mon May 01, 2017 10:18 pm

Congratulations to our NERTEC 2017 competition winners!

Young Artist Tuba
1st place – David Stein
2nd place – Jared Serwecki

Young Artist Euphonium
1st place – Garrett Dexter
2nd place – Benjamin Quinones

Solo Artist Tuba
1st place – Joseph Guimaraes
2nd place – Jacob Fewx
3rd place – Frank John

Solo Artist Euphonium
1st place – Chris Troiano
2nd place – Chris Hotaling
3rd place – Bijan Daneshvar

Mock Band Euphonium
1st place – Bijan Daneshvar
2nd place – Chris Troiano
3rd place – Phillip Marion

Mock Orchestra Tuba
1st place – Aidan Zimmermann
2nd place – Jacob Fewx
3rd place – Michael Fleming

1st place – NOVATEQ
2nd place – Nittany Tuba Quartet
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