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U. Tennessee, two euph and two tuba openings, scholarships

Postby tubalex » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:34 pm

Hi tubenet,

I have room for four new undergraduate music-major students at UT in fall 2019: two tuba openings and two euphonium openings.

There are definitely some music scholarships available for great applicants, but we are best set up to offer academic scholarships. This past year I saw academic awards for both in-state and out-of-state applicants to my studio with excellent grades and test scores get as much as 80-90% tuition waivers before we even have them audition.

Tuba/Euph players can major in performance, education, and theory/composition. We have three concert bands, a terrific symphony orchestra, a FANTASTIC jazz area, tuba/euphonium ensemble, and our brass quintet population is growing steadily. We also have a marching band that performs for 100000+ people every weekend in the fall, and every member of that band gets at least a small scholarship, as well as our basketball pep bands which provide fun and some income in spring semesters.

I'll always happily welcome auditions for music minors, and my two current minors are actually particularly outstanding players, but the music scholarships generally only go to music majors. I'm always looking for excellent MM performance students, and while my TA position is currently spoken for through spring 2020, there is always the possibility of getting an assistantship through the bands; not my award to give but we've had a lot of support in that area. It helps to have a lot of athletic bands experience to be considered for the band's graduate positions.

My quintet touring schedule is making all but one of our regular audition dates not work for me, but that just means a lot of people can work out alternative dates with me directly that best suit their calendars; it's actually going to be more flexibility in scheduling your audition than we normally offer. I'll be in the midwest and in a lot of parts of the Southeast in January, February and March, and I'd be happy to set up auditions on the road while I'm closer to you. I'm going to be open to hearing auditions in Knoxville practically any day during those months that I'm in town, and I'll be in town a lot, just not on several of the Saturdays.

The current studio is absolutely terrific, both in ability and I'm especially proud to say in attitude, and many great things are coming down the pike. Come on down to Knoxville and join the tubular goodness!

Questions? alapins at utk dot edu
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