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""TubeNet FAQ: Please Read Before Posting"" by Michael Bush

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:40 pm
by FarahShazam
Our FAQ Czar's post was pruned along with about 500 spammers. I was able to go "WayBack" and salvage this post:

Certain topics come up often on TubeNet. Please check the following links before making a new post about one of these issues to see if the information you seek is already here.

Chinese Tubas
Discussions of tubas sold by Big Mouth Brass, John Packer, M & M, Mack Brass, Schiller, Tempest Agility, Wessex, Wiseman, and others.

Buying a Tuba for College
Discussions of buying a tuba for college (“Ask your teacher!”), and some discussion of where to go to college to study tuba.

Lacquer v. Silver v. Raw Brass
Discussions of the relative merits of silver, lacquer, and raw brass finishes.

Piston v. Rotary Valves
Discussions of the pros and cons of these valve mechanisms.

Mouthpiece Buzzing
Discussions about whether and how buzzing the embouchure away from the instrument is or is not helpful.

BBb or CC?
Discussions of the relative merits of these contrabass tubas.

Eb or F?
Discussions of the relative merits of these bass tubas.

Tuba Mouthpiece Shank Sizes
Information on the various sizes of tuba mouthpiece shanks and receivers.