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U of MN

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Tuba Players applying to schools for fall 2019,

I strongly advise you to consider applying to the University of Minnesota School of Music

There aren’t many opportunities to study in a state school with a major orchestral tubist—Steve Campbell is an incredible player and teacher.
His audition experience is remarkable, and his emphasis on orchestral style in combination with fundamental conditioning will grant you necessary tools for pursuing a performing career. Plus, hearing the Minnesota Orchestra on a weekly basis is a strong reason to consider moving to the Twin Cities.

At least in the graduate level, from my experience, funding can be quite generous. The tuba studio has a great working vibe together, and I cannot recommend it enough for any aspiring tubist. Give it a shot!

Graduate applications accepted until Dec. 3rd

https://cla.umn.edu/music/graduate/apply" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank

Please email campb467 at umn.edu for further questions if you’re interested.
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Re: U of MN

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I'm a grad student at the U (for something completely different, and non-music -- so I can't tell you anything about the program). I've been here for about 4 years now, and I think it's a great school in a great city. The Minnesota Orchestra is great. The Minneapolis/St Paul area is large (about 3.5 million people?), so there are lots of opportunities and always a lot of things going on. People are nice, cost of living is good, and crime is low. Good beer and cheese are plentiful. And if you like lakes... well, you know... :)

Yeah, it gets very cold and winter lasts forever... but that keeps you inside and working, without the wintertime distractions in the Southern and Western US, such as beaches, warm weather, "being outside", and direct sunlight.

But seriously, it's a great place. :)
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Re: U of MN

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Can’t emphasize this enough. I spent my masters at UMN with Steve and it was some of the best education I’ve received as a tuba player. The school itself is filled with amazing musicians from all walks of life that are eager to collaborate and create music. Also, just listening to Steve Campbell is a lesson in itself.

Can’t recommend this is enough! It’s also the reason I was able to meet Itai :D
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