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Scholarship opportunities at Baldwin Wallace and Kent State

Postby Glaucon » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:24 am

Hello All!

I wanted to put up a quick post for those of you still looking around for places to apply this Fall. I've combined both of these schools into a single post even though they are very different schools because I teach at both and think you can get an excellent experience at either, depending on what you are looking for.

First up is Baldwin Wallace University. Located in Berea, OH, Baldwin Wallace is a small campus integrated with the town. The Conservatory of Music is an undergraduate-only institution, which makes for a let of exceptional opportunities quickly for a talented player. We offer an orchestra, wind ensemble, and band in addition to brass choir and a large range of chamber ensembles; many of my students also enjoy being a part of the jazz bands or the really excellent Men's Chorus. Our performance faculty include many members of the Cleveland Orchestra, our education program is rigorous and has 100% job placement, and our Music Therapy program is really excellent (and something I had very little idea about before I came to teach here). I've had several students come through the program and go on to some great things. There are openings (and scholarships -- good ones -- don't let the tuition sticker scare you away!!) for both tuba and euphonium this year in all majors. Feel free to reach out to the school (" target="_blank) or me directly (" target="_blank) for more information.

Next up is Kent State University. Located in Kent, OH, Kent State is a more traditional state university with more than 20,000 students. The campus is absolutely beautiful and is adjacent to a recently revitalized downtown that I absolutely love (jewels include my favorite coffee roaster I've ever had, my favorite diner I've ever been to, and a yoga studio that changed my life). The school of music has bands and orchestras as you would expect, as well as a commitment to brass chamber music and both a tuba-euph ensemble and a trombone choir. Though it is mostly populated by music education students, these players all work along side a surprisingly rich performance major population. There is also a particularly great integrated Bachelor of Arts degree that a number of my students seem to really enjoy. We have just a couple of spots for tuba with scholarship this year; combined with our very low tuition, most students work a little on the side and emerge from Kent State Bachelor's in hand with NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT. Again, check out the school (" target="_blank) or drop my an email (" target="_blank).

Anyone is always free to drop me a message here as well. Deadlines for application with scholarship consideration are fast approaching -- looking forward to seeing a few of you for auditions this Spring!

Ken Heinlein
Lecturer in Tuba and Euphonium, Baldwin Wallace University
Assistant Professor of Tuba, Kent State University
Principal Tuba, Akron Symphony and Erie Philharmonic Orchestras
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