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Postby olaness1 » Thu May 18, 2017 10:50 am

I know John Fletcher used mainly his large Holton CC for this, with the Besson Eb for select other passages, however I have heard it said in the past that he also used his Alex BBb for this recording. Having checked what I have of writings by and about Fletch I cannot find this written anywhere, although there are various references to his Alex. Having recently become the proud owner of this particular Alex, I'm interested to find out for sure: are there anyone out there who can substantiate this, or indeed refute it? Listening through the soundtrack, there are a few passages that sound "Alexy", the standout one being in the track called The Emperor Arrives (which even includes a slightly sharp low G as feature on this Alex, not something normally heard on his Holton).

Any info greatly appreciated.

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