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Brands sounds samples

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:35 am
by fabriziomed
Hi everybody,
many times when we talk about tuba brands, we tend to talk about "German sound" or "American sound", or B&S sound etcetera.
Considered it is impossible to describe a sound by words only, I wonder if somebody in this forum would be able to post a list of videos or records where those sounds could be easily recognised.
I think it is easier to recognise a player himself, but it is impossible to me to say if a sound comes from a King or a Miraphone (yes I can tell if it is a sousaphone).
I also know we can now start a discussion about what mouthpiece and what tuba size are used, and how it influences the sound qualities, but I would like to keep it simple and ask if there are samples I can listen to just to have a clearer idea.