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Re: Wessex Berg delivered

Postby ren » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:25 pm

the elephant wrote:
ren wrote:
the elephant wrote:Hungarian March?

Why not a vocalise? Those are some of the best test material you could use. Technique studies are not. Either the valves move quickly or they don't. You want to test the response and intonation throughout the range, you want to test the tone and how it does when played very loudly or softly. Some horns tend to lose center and drift sharp or flat if you do not support enough when playing very softly, some lock in much better than average. Everyone here will want to hear how you feel about the problem range (low Db, C, B and Bb). Stuff like that. Vocalises demonstrate intonation, response, and evenness of tone very well.

Good ideas, but Im off orchestra excerpts for a while. Vocalises have kind of turned into slurring phrasing etudes with alot of opportunity to make music but not very challenging,
I would like to (if I can pull it off) make a video of something more solo-ish to show off the instrument since thats what I bought it for.


Michael Daugherty "Reflections on the Mississippi"?

By the way, I stand by my earlier post since you are speaking about testing the tuba and not yourself. And if you are not challenged by something I guarantee your standards are too low. Even playing half notes is a challenge to do *really* well.

correct you are! i want to do something interesting. and unexpected.

Re: Wessex Berg delivered

Postby ren » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:53 pm

initial feedback on the sound of the berg.

having pretty crude chops these days and zero f tuba chops ever
the first two hours were pretty interesting dealing with the low range.
it seems that this is a bit of an acquired skill. at the end of the two hours though i started to just blow fairly normally into it and low and behold low C started popping out.

playing also when you don't know the sound or fingerings was making me hold back air and not really fill up the horn. once i got through a few rochuts with the correct fingerings my brain kind of kicked in and i found that the tuba has a very sweet sound that feels easy to modulate with the music fuller or less full depending .

very expressive! i'm sure there is an art to practicing f when it's not your main instrument. Should be a nice complement for solo type or maybe quintet work.

Re: Wessex Berg delivered

Postby roughrider » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:14 am

the elephant wrote:
TheTuba wrote:Lets not degrade this thread into a shouting match.

Where was the shouting?

TheTuba wrote:While people may have different opinions...

You missed my point. I am not disagreeing with his opinion; in fact, I agree with him completely.

My point was that it is in pretty poor taste to come into a thread about the joy of a new purchase and crap on that with an opinion of any sort, whatsoever. It was wrong to do so. In essence he let the OP crow about his new horn and then said the equivalent of, "Yeah, whatever."

TheTuba wrote:... what I have done wrong.

I have not done anything wrong at all. If you think I did, you need to reread this whole thread. I am very happy for the OP. A thread like this is like announcing to your pals "IT'S A GIRL!" or "I bought a new car!"

A person with any sort of tact would never come into such a conversation unbidden to say that they preferred male offspring, or that the guy's new car had low JD Power ratings.

Say congratulations or don't say anything. This sort of garbage happens here all the time. I got sick of it and made a very pointed and short statement about it. Social skills *can* be practiced properly online in written form.

Goodnight, Raghul. :tuba:

(Dude, did I spell your name correctly? If I did not I apologize. Please remind me where the "h" goes if I blew it.)

Thank you Elephant! A breeze of common sense all the way from MS!
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Re: Wessex Berg delivered

Postby barry grrr-ero » Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:18 pm

Ren, awesome! Keep at it, man.
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