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Re: Alexander 163 Vs Kalison Daryl Smith

Postby pauvog1 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:28 am

Northernlb wrote:I would choose the Kalison, if it is one of the good ones. There is some variation in how these were made since they were hand made in Italy. If you get one of the great ones like I have it will be a great tuba forever and will serve you very well. Also the addition of the five valves, the construction of the instrument, and easy slide reach make this a very well designed tuba.

I use the Kalison all of the time for playing and always get compliments on my sound, tuning, and intonation. I am surprised they have been forgotten, but I believe that is because there were not many made and they do not come up for sale that often anymore.

I havent played either horn. If we are referring to the ones at Dillon, then maybe the OP should call Matt and just ask. He's a great guy and super honest & informative about what he sells.

That being said, if I were to pick between an old Alex or a DS, sight unseen, I'd probably pick a DS as well. I like mine. I've noticed more variation from the large Kalison tubas than the DS.
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Re: Alexander 163 Vs Kalison Daryl Smith

Postby Jonathan Fowler » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:21 pm

I was at Dillon music a few weeks back and played the Alex 163. I did not play the DS so my bear that in mind - I was looking to compare this Alex (an older one) to my relatively new one. That being said, it is an awesome horn and has good intonation. It has a ton of the Alex charm in the sound, perhaps a more horn-like sound than mine. The receiver, if I recall, was quite large, so my PS02 did not fit properly, although I did borrow one of theirs (Dillon G - something) that happened to work really well with the horn.
The low range was quite quick and easy to light up - this is a very responsive instrument. I'd buy it, were I in the market, except for the fact that I'd be afraid to mess with the 4-valve configuration.
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