Got an SSH for trials today.

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hi doc, have u compared the ssh with conn helleberg yet? :)
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I compared the SSH with the CONN-HELLEBERG with a Cerveny CBB 681-4.
My impression: The Conn sounds smaller and softer, the SSH more full, rich and present, but also hard like steel.
Naturally, first times the Conn is more comfortably for the lips, but after some time I became addictatet to the sharp rim.
At the moment, my SSH competes with my Bayamo. :-)
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competing and winning?
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Re: Got an SSH for trials today.

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Hello! Planing to "back to life" this threat :D

I ve tested the SSH II but the c
Brass versión, because was the only one I would purchase at that time and I was amazed how It worked with me! Besides been a very deep funel mouthpiece for my feelings with my F tuba (a meinl weston 45) I was very surprise! Clear tone, monstruos articulation!

I want to know your feedbacks about this one, the SSH II. I want to know, if possible some comparativas with both, the brass and the stainless steel versión. Also interested in the SSH MBII, wich seems to be a mor bowl and shallow -cup.

Thank you all!!!
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