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Re: Me & My Tuba, Add You & Yours

Postby MN_TimTuba » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:50 pm

With my 1966 Holton 345 BBb, just after it's return from Eric Peterson repairs.

Re: Me & My Tuba, Add You & Yours

Postby MartyNeilan » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:25 am

Marty Neilan and the tuba formerly known as BART at The Village Tinker aka Dan Schultz, after Dan did some work on it - put a garland on the 100 yr old cracking bell that he got off a recording bell Mirafone, completed the 5th valve assembly including "work of art" linkage and slide extensions, pulled dents in the outer bows without removing the nickel-silver guards, and overall cleaned up my good attempt but sloppy execution. After numerous trials and rebuilds in my kitchen or garage (depending on where I lived) this tuba is now as close to being "finished" as it will ever be.
Mouthpiece is the infamous Warburton-Neilan loosely based on the original helleberg style Jacobs mouthpiece with a C4 style rim in a heavyweight brass configuration and produces a nice round sound. The G&W Baer F also seems to work well on this tuba in providing a contrasting sound that is still fat but a little brighter and tighter. I have also used the Baer CC which splits the difference; the Baer Beltane proved too shallow for this contrabass and has since been sold.


For comparison, this is what it looked like when I first purchased it in 2010. The MW "small piston" valveset was grafted in a couple years later.
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Re: Me & My Tuba, Add You & Yours

Postby jperry1466 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:19 am

bloke wrote:I studied with Rex at Interlochen that summer. Everyone loved him. On the bulletin board of the cafeteria was some sort of flier with a pen-and-ink owl on it. Someone wrote (in very small print) Rex. :D

That pic has a double meaning, at least to me. He did have kind of an owlish look with his hair and glasses, and he was good natured and could take a joke on himself. He was also full of wisdom. As you know, his teaching method was kind of subtle but very effective. He also had a big heart. Because we were poor college kids who also held jobs, my wife and I could not go home to Texas for summer or holidays from Jan. to Dec. of 1973. Rex and Alberta invited us to their house for Thanksgiving, and we visited in their home a number of times. On several of those occasions, he would make me go with him on the front porch so he could have a cigarette, even in freezing weather, since Alberta wouldn't let him smoke in the house. He told me once that he had been injured in a car wreck when he was young, and half his lower lip was permanently numb. Amazing man, teacher, and friend.
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Re: Me & My Tuba, Add You & Yours

Postby Jerryleejr » Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:04 pm

Guess I never updated mine when I got the new horn.

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