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Kanstul 33-T Tuba "Review"

Postby Eupher6 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:49 am

I say "review", because I'm not all that qualified to render one, but there are a couple of interesting items that may be of interest to most of you.

I began playing tuba back in October after never having picked up one (except to move it) in the 40-some years I've been playing euph and trombone. In fact, I bought a Mirafone 184 from a member of Tubenet at that time, and I spent as much time as I could getting used to the horn and developing some measure of ability.

But being a eupher, I quickly grew disaffected with the rotary valves. And the ergonomics of the 184 simply were not to my liking.

Enter Lee Stofer. Lee had worked on the 184, my bass trombone, and my euph, and in conversation remarked about the Kanstul new line of tubas which were touted as being the ultimate York clone. (I had no idea about York tubas, so Lee set out to educate me.)

This went on for several months, and while I had no intention of buying a second tuba :shock: Lee made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So now, my thoughts on this horn.

I don't know jack about Yorks. I wouldn't know one if it dropped on my toe. But I LOVE this 33-T! It's 4 valves across the top, non-comp, and it's heavy as hell. But while I struggled with the 184 in accuracy and intonation, not to mention simply holding the damned thing, the 33-T makes it much, much easier to play tuba than I had thought possible. I'm by no means an accomplished tubist, but the slotting and the sound qualities are pretty much what I would expect to hear from one of you guys - at least to some level.

The difference was so pronounced that my quintet instantly gave a thumbs-up and, even though the horn is not entirely intended for chamber work, they encouraged me to keep the horn and use it with the quintet.

I figure that endorsement works enough for me.

So for all of you who know much more about tubas and Yorks than I do might be encouraged to know that this new line of "The Return of the Great American Tuba" has some credibility -- at least with me.

And Lee S. is pretty excited about this new line of tubas as well.

Oh, btw - I'll be putting up the 184 for sale as soon as I can get out of the practice room. :tuba:
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Kanstul 33T tuba in BBb
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Re: Kanstul 33-T Tuba "Review"

Postby rodgeman » Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:11 pm

Thanks for the info. Sounds like the new tubas are pretty good.
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Re: Kanstul 33-T Tuba "Review"

Postby Tubacube » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:15 am

Congratulations on your new 33-T! I concur this is a very "easy to play" tuba, it never fights you, rewards you with a velvety sound. Just got my 33-S just last week. I wish I could afford both the T and the S, both fine playing instruments.
Enjoy your new tuba the more you play it the more you will love it! :tuba:
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