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Vaughan Williams Concerto - Manuscript

Postby txba » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:21 pm

Hello Tubenet,

I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here, but I'm looking for some help hunting down the manuscript to the VW. [NOT a discussion about the manuscript] I'm sure this has come up on this forum before, so if you could help me out and pm (or) post below similar threads on this topic.

I have what I suspect might be the manuscript or more likely a knowable editor (not oxford press!). I'd also like help verifying the origins and authenticity of this part.

I prefer to use email as I don't check this forum regularly.

Thanks Tubeneter's! :tuba:
Jesse McConnell
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Re: Vaughan Williams Concerto - Manuscript

Postby MusikFind » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:41 pm

As the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto is under copyright, only the editions published by Oxford University Press are legal.
The excellent scholar/editor David Matthews created a new edition in 2012.
In the U.S. the work will become Public Domain 1 January 2074. In the EU the work will become Public Domain 1 January 2028.

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph (b. Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, 12 October 1872; d. London, 26 August 1958)
Concerto for Bass Tuba (in F minor) <1954> Published 1979
Instrumentation: Solo Tuba [or Solo Bass Trombone] — 2[1.2/pic] 1 2 1 — 2 2 2 0 — tmp + 2perc (sd, tri, cym, bd) — str
Duration: ca. 12'
Movements: I. Prelude: Allegro moderato (4'); II. Romanza: Andante sostenuto (5'); III. Finale: Rondo alla tedesca: Allegro (3')
Composed for Philip Catelinet, principal tubist of the London Symphony Orchestra, who was the soloist in the premiere; 13 June 1954
OX369454-9 octavo score original edition. $60.00
9780193386754 (Second Edition, New Edition - 2012) (ed. Matthews). octavo score. $24.95
Pub.: Oxford University Press. Full score and Orchestra parts on rental. U.S.A. agent: C. F. Peters Corp.

“This new edition is based on all extant sources and contains full textual notes and a discussion of the editorial method. Notable additions are the inclusion of two sets of phrasing for the Romanza-one from the first publication, largely influenced by Catelinet, and the other from Vaughan Williams’s manuscript-and the original cadenza to the first movement. The arrangement for Tuba and Piano has been updated in light of the research carried out by David Matthews, and all orchestral parts have been revised.” — the publisher

See: Bird, Program Notes for the Solo Tuba, Indiana University Press 1994

Additional Edition:
Pub.: Oxford 9780193694552 Tuba and Piano original edition. $22.95
Pub.: Oxford 9780193386761 Tuba and Piano (New Edition - 2012) (ed. Matthews). $21.95
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph (b. Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, 12 October 1872; d. London, 26 August 1958)
Concerto for Tuba (in F minor) <1954> | Band Arr.: Robert HARE ©1992
Instrumentation: Solo Tuba — 3[1.2.pic] 1 5 2 4[a.a.t.b] — 2 2 2 0 1db — tmp + perc
Duration: ca. 12'
Movements: Prelude: Allegro moderato (4'); Romanza: Andante sostenuto (5'); Finale Rondo alla tedesca: Allegro (3')
Full score and Band parts on rental in the U.S.A. from Oxford Univ. Press/C. F. Peters Corp.
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