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Postby Ken Crawford » Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:52 pm

bort wrote:Thanks everyone for the public and private replies, very helpful!

This video seems to explain some of the differences, however I don't speak German well enough for it to be totally helpful:

Both tubas are appealing to me, and numerous people have had great things to say in particular about the GR-55 (both on its own, and as compared to the GR-51 or the Fafner). In other words... they are all winners, just depends on what the player wants. Nothing new there! :P

One especially interesting thing about the GR-51 is the low price -- if you buy from Thomann in Germany, it's about $1,500 LESS than the already decent price at WWBW. Not that price is everything... but price is *something.*

Now, is this all enough to make me switch back to BBb? Hrmm...

Call custom music, when I bought the GR55/PT600 their price was significantly lower than wwbw. I'd price check them for sure. Dan Oberloh appears to have one for sale, he's had it for awhile and I bet he's ready to get rid of it.
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