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Re: mouthpiece "Dr. Young"

Postby KiltieTuba » Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:14 pm

bort wrote:
KiltieTuba wrote:Don't most of us want an in tune tubas without a bunch of slide pulling or lipping? Those are the tubas Dr. Young has had made.

Yes, but most of us want it to look like a normal tuba.

There are always innovators who push the boundary and contrive unique solutions to problems. But I'm guessing that Fred's tubas will end up like many others, ideas that never caught on and will secure their own places in tuba-making history. I'm not saying anything negative about his work or his stuff, it's neat... but not really intended for mass production.

Sure looks like a normal tuba to me...



This is the front side of my newly designed BBb/F descant tuba built last year by Gronitz Musik of Hamburg, DE. Herr Dietrich Kleine-Horst and I designed the valve system comprising four double rotary valves. This is not a compensating tuba but has full length valve slides for both the low and high instruments. The thumb valve is a double valve of a new sort. It is descending on the F side so as to. make the T123 valve combination yield an in tune 5 semitone lowering. This saves a lot of tubing and weight, The fifth valve on the left side of the tuba is a switch valve switching between BBb and F. When the thumb valve is used with the switch valve the thumb valve removes enough tubing to raise the instrument one semitone. The thumb valve is thus both a descending and an ascending valve. It can also be arranged to raise the BBb side one whole tone. In this manner the valve slide lengths have been optimized for good intonation and save a lot of weight also...
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Re: mouthpiece "Dr. Young"

Postby Ulli » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:52 pm

Yesterday I got my Wessex Dr. Young mpc- thank you, Jonathan.

Big, heavy and with a superb sharp inner rim.
Next time, I'll compare it to my Original- SSH.
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