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Re: How to Achieve a Darker Sound

Postby bloke » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:36 am

It's curious, isn't it?
The words we use to attempt to describe things that cannot be described with words.

Were music describable with words, we would not bother to make it, would we?
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Re: How to Achieve a Darker Sound

Postby PaulMaybery » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:31 am

Ed Firth mentioned an important point of "where does the sound go." On the other side of things, one might ask, "where does the sound come from?" That is, where in your body do you feel the source of your sound. It may not be the actual place, but it is more of a concept. A wholistic practicioner once mentioned to me about the "Chi," that spot that is commonly referred to as being the source of our vital energies and it being slightly below the naval. Imagining that one's sound and all of the attending energies emanate from that region helps with my concept of sound. Keeping that area free of tension seems to cause a radiation of relaxation throughout the whole body, where as just trying to relax certain individual areas such as the throat, chest, corners etc is more like trying to herd cats.
In certain times of stressful playing I often lose track of the "Chi" factor and things tighten up and go "south." Probably the most important factor in preparing to play is to get in touch with the "Chi" and get in that tension free mode. But, there are all kinds of ways of dealing with body tension.
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