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Re: tuba being HEARD on orchestral recordings

Postby toobagrowl » Thu May 18, 2017 10:59 pm

First orch. recordings I heard with present tuba were Chester Schmitz with the BSO/BPO. :tuba: Still amazing to this day :!:
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Re: tuba being HEARD on orchestral recordings

Postby bloke » Thu May 18, 2017 11:38 pm

I must admit...

When I BEGAN listening to symphony orchestras (late in my teens), I was still (far outweighing "tuba") a "classical" guitar players...a 4-hour/night practicer, and (with some stolen-off-library-checked-out-Charlie-Byrd-lp's-arrangements of popular music) playing some private-party gigs (a bit before I could drive...either getting there via bike, bus, or picked-up-by-the-person-that-hired-me)...I was tall, so they believed it when I told them I was "in kolij, but don't have a car".

...so (honestly) I was mostly listening to the violins (after all, they're so very EXPRESSIVE), and (well...) it took a good bit for me to notice the tuba in the first place...and then, to even realize that what I was hearing WAS a tuba. :shock:

The first tuba l.p. that I had was given to me for Christmas by my sister...She (asking someone else what to get) tried to get me the Roger Bobo l.p. (record store didn't know how to order it), so she bought me the Robert Leblanc l.p. ...ok, but not ok enough for me to (at least, not at that time) slide the guitar under the bed.
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