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Giving The Horn What It Needs

Postby roughrider » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:57 pm

I have finally found what the Holton "Mammoth" tuba I purchased from Lee Stofer last August really needs! A player with much better air support and diaphragm strength. I had thought that there was a pitch issue on at least two of the notes and perhaps slide cutting would be in order. After playing the horn for the last six weeks every day, what a surprise! The pitch is just fine. It was and is the operator that needs to improve. Yes, there is some slide movement necessary, however considering the horn is over 100 years old it plays very, very well indeed. Really looking forward to playing this horn for the summer and then using it in one of the two concert bands I play in starting in the fall. The King bell front tuba will be used in the other.
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