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tuba concerto reviews?

Postby m_whittome » Sun Mar 21, 2004 4:42 pm

i wonder if any one knows which sritic said that the tuba concerto was "an elaphantine romp, humorous and salty" when it was first performed in 1954?

and also does any one know what tuba philip catelinet is playing in the hmv recording?

please help i'm trying to write an essay for college on this concerto! and it's proving tobe quite difficult to find information. things like why doesn't he do the optional high Ab bit in the cadenza of the 1st mvt? and why does he take it much slower than the reccomened speed at the top of my copy of the score?

i'm very confused! :?

hope you can help.

thanks. markos

Vaughan Williams review

Postby Todd S. Malicoate » Sun Mar 21, 2004 6:28 pm

Michael Kennedy, author of The Oxford Dictionary of Music, made the famous quote you referred to.

There is a very thorough discussion of Catelinet's first performance of the RVW in a Tuba Journal around ten years ago, I think. A quick search through your local academic library should help you find that.

Best of luck on your essay!
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Postby manganaro » Tue Mar 23, 2004 3:37 pm

and the short answer on the two last questions is...

They were too difficult for him at the time. To site my source, the mini score for the concerto (I forgot the name of the edition brain fart but its the yellow one c'mon you all know em) said something to the effect that big daddy VW wanted the high Ab (the exteneded version where its in there twice, the 2nd time held out, not the weaker oh ill hit it once really quick and pray that I get it well enough that no one notices) but upon consultation with Catelinet he removed it and put in the other version because they thought it was beyond the tuba players ablility at the time (I secretly think VW knew we would be able to do it someday without too much trouble)

hope that helps a bit, good luck on that.

Postby tubaman5150 » Wed Mar 24, 2004 1:53 am

As far as I know, Catelinet was playing a small Barlow F tuba.
Catelinet himself was not a virtuoso tubist. Towards the end of his life, he was playing mostly other instruments ( 'cello and some others I believe).
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