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Re: Clip-on microphones for tuba

Postby MvHooft » Mon May 21, 2018 8:31 am

This is the setup I use when playing in my band
- which comes with a clip and a gooseneck
- custom 3D printed microphone mount Image
which is mounted in my bell with a piece of velcro like this Image

Works for me :D
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Re: Clip-on microphones for tuba

Postby tubaphillips » Fri May 25, 2018 11:35 am

The big thing with clip on mics is that they don't go far enough down the bell. You can make a custom mount. I made a how to video on my facebook (link below). I use a 98 with the GLXD receiver system. Great for me because it works overseas and plays nice with guitar pedals ... 883840042/
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Re: Clip-on microphones for tuba

Postby Beervangelist » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:27 pm

I have been an advocate for the Kelly Shu mounts, and they are a very strong and secure system.

I have recently changed things up, however. After recording a bunch of live shows, the consensus was that the Beta-52 was catching too much stage sound (it is a rock setting with loud electric guitar and drums). I also felt the parabolic effect of being roughly centered was contributing.

I switched to an Audix D4 and a Stage Ninja Clamp. It's lighter, and allows for more adjustable mic placement. For extra comfort, I added a couple of furniture pads to the bell (front/back) that give the clamp a little more width to grab, and should provide the bell a little more protection.

Everyone's needs are different. This is a very lightweight and easy solution for most mics, with the exception of real heavy ones, and would be versatile for many situations. I also like that it takes a lot less time to attach than the Kelly Shu. ... UTF8&psc=1" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank
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Re: Clip-on microphones for tuba

Postby umlaut_kraut » Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:33 pm

Doc wrote:What are the small mics all the German brass bands use?

In recent times, I'e seen a bunch of AKG, Beyerdynamic and Audio Technica, maybe Sennheiser every here and there. DPA not so much for reason of being very expensive. I'm using an old Audio Technica mic which tends to get good reviews from sound guys.
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Re: Clip-on microphones for tuba

Postby pjv » Sun Mar 24, 2019 5:10 pm

Same here.I use an AT because I couldn't afford a DPA.
The thin wires going to the xlr plug are and remain the Achilles heal on these kind of clip mic's, so whenever possible I use the venue's equipment and not mine own.

I tested my AT against one of those veery lightweight Seinnheiser mic's that they clip on the drummers floor tom. The Seinheiser was just a tad nicer. The high's were more pronounced. So I also carry one of those plastic clamps they often have in theaters. I clamp that on my bell with the tom mic and just turn the mic towards the bell.

If I ever needed a new mic I probably would buy one of these (and then arrange a more elegant clamp). They are sturdy and the mic cable plugs directly into the mic just like any other mic would (and not first into a separate xlr plug attached to a thin wire going into the mic).
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