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Conn 3XJ Tubas

Postby TUbajohn20J » Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:26 am

Yep, the 30J through 36J recording tubas (the ones that looked like long action 2XJ's) Not the 1920's grand orchestral one piece horns which apparently used the same model numbers.

There is a 30J three valve and 34J four valve FOR SALE right now in the offsite ads section. Super rare. I know Lee played a 34J for years professionally. I have a couple of questions particularly directed towards the top action tubas (30J/34J) because it seems like the front action 36J's are a lot more common and might have a better rep or maybe even played a little differently. Curious how many of you have played them? Do they have the characteristics of the 2XJ series? Do they have a flat 3rd partial? It seems like the long action valves would be more free blowing due to the ports not being squished...Like the whole 38K vs. 20K argument. Just want some feedback from those who have played them before I possibly make the plunge and buy one. Somebody please buy them before me so I don't keep cluttering the house up with BATs!


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Re: Conn 3XJ Tubas

Postby EdFirth » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:41 am

I played on a 24J through high school and for two years in the Ft Lee army band. Then hopped on the equipment merry go round for 20+ years switching horns as I changed jobs to sound better blah blah blah. In the 90's my job was in the band that played concerts in Town Square at Disneyworld ad a 34J turned p so I bought it. I had been playing a King 2341 and everyone noticed the difference. From as far away as Cinderella's Castle(Kids of the Kingdom band) so it was a hit.I didn't find it much different, blowing wise, from my old 24J and a long valve stroke is what it is, a little more work but not a deal breaker. I've played three of them over the years, including one that came from Lee although I don't know if it was his personal horn, and mine was the friendliest. I also found a 19 in. Conn raincatcher bell for it at an antique shop in Miami that worked really well. Then I went to the tuba quartet at the MGM Studio and traded it for a 5J which was way better suited to the job. I also owned that silver 36J that was at Dillon's for a while recently and it made a much bigger sound than any of the 34's. None of them had as nice a sound as the Martin Mammoth that I have now. Gotta love that big old American sound. Ed
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