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Top Notch Customer Service!

Postby MN_TimTuba » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:27 am

Last night after 10 pm MN time I sent a message via Facebook to Joe at Sellmansberger Mouthpieces. My Holton 345 is in the final stages of work in the Twin Cities, and I asked Joe if his company made his lightweight valve stems and finger buttons for my horn. I expected an answer sometime today. Nope. Within 5 minutes he answered. He told me that they do not currently make the product for my horn, possibly in the future. I was fine with that. However, he then told me 2 companies where I can get adequate parts, then gave me the actual catalog part numbers for those companies, then sent a paragraph or two on installation tips and beneficial modifications! This was well after 11 pm his time. All this good stuff, and I wasn't even spending any money with his company.
I call that terrific customer service, especially considering that I was a non-customer.
Joe is a stand-up guy.
Thanks, Joe. I appreciate it.

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