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Sucessful(?) first outing

Postby tuba72 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:10 pm

After much thought and looking on Tubenet I found something to replace my broken tuba. Short time ago an Eastman 632 showed up for sale. The seller was about 25 miles away which made testing it easy. After a little play test I purchased it and brought it home. Today was the first time I took it and played it with my church brass group. Still trying to figure out CC fingerings so I took advice from someone here on Tubenet and copied the music and wrote in the fingerings. Sounded great and went pretty smoothly. May be looking for another mouthpiece(I lost 2 in the accident). Like the way the PT42 fits my face but could always use another. Time will tell. I will keep on tooting in the meantime.
Gary Schweitzer
Eastman 632
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