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Postby the elephant » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:58 pm

iiipopes wrote:Oh, God, I hate to admit this, but the newer 186's with the "vanilla" toned 17 3/4 inch bell comes the closest to my ears to the detachable bell Kings I played in high school.

Oh, Lord, forgive my heresy....


But is that a good or a bad thing, in your opinion, and why?
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Re: TNFJ Opinion Time

Postby bloke » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:08 am

yesterday afternoon - new assistant band director (tuba player) at a large high school with a large band program...upon me returning the last few of their dozen ("very varied") rotary "concert" tubas from being repaired and cleaned:

with eyes lit up:
Wow! One of them is one of those GDR Bb's with a kranz.

' funny how those almost always play so very well and so very easily...even in the extreme ranges...and even with half-century-old never-rebuilt valves.
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Re: TNFJ Opinion Time

Postby EdFirth » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:13 pm

I've owned four of these since 1982 and used them for most of the work I did, although I did own a lot of other horns I've always come back to the Kings. To me, they don't sound like any rotary horn I've heard or played. And I own and use a rotary King sometimes. The rotary horns, to me, have a smoother sound where the piston Kings have more "turbulence". But I am able to blend with whatever else is on the job. I got to hear just about everyone at the "Rat" play on my various Kings and was always gassed with the sound. And when they went back on their B S 101's, or Meinl Weston 20's, Mirafone 186's, or Cervenys it was great but, to my ears, quite different. I used them in bands, orchestras, quintet, polka bands,the Rat tuba quartet, and a boatload of Dixieland jobs as well as Ray Charles and the Moody Blues and people always dug the sound. All that being said, there are other horns that I find are less work to play but I'm in it for the sound and those Kings make the sound that's in my head. FWIW, Ed
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