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This town loves Kenny G . . .

Postby hup_d_dup » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:49 pm

. . . and they fabricate over 100,000 saxophones per year. ... d=49411706

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Re: This town loves Kenny G . . .

Postby The Big Ben » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:13 pm

hup_d_dup wrote:. . . and they fabricate over 100,000 saxophones per year. ... d=49411706" target="_blank


Interesting article. I had no idea China made as many saxophones as the article says they do.

I don't listen to Kenny G's music but I don't dislike it. I like a little more heat in my music. Or, as Ms. Tina Turner says: "We never, ever play nuthin' nice and easy. We always play it nice and rough."

He's the same age as I am and I know a couple of guys who graduated from HS with him. During HS and college, Kenny Gorlick was a sax man in the Seattle funk band, "Cold, Bold and Together". A club I was in hired them two or three times to play at our drunken brawls, ur, 'evening dances". They were good. One skinny little white guy in a band with 9 black guys. But, he was funky.
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Re: This town loves Kenny G . . .

Postby Three Valves » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:52 pm

Neat article.

How did the NYT manage not to mention you know what or you know who in an article about a Chinese village that loves the sax??

Who needs four valves??

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Re: This town loves Kenny G . . .

Postby bloke » Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:18 pm

two juxtaposed topics here...

Kenny G:
A large percentage of musicians seem to dislike hearing Kenny G on the radio, and denigrate him. Many claim that he always plays out of tune. I don't hear any worse out of tune than anyone else. What I do hear is soprano saxophone, which - generally, and regardless of the operator - tends to be annoying. Not-famous saxophonists (just as with not-famous composers who curse John Williams), I suspect, are mostly jealous of his fame.

saxophone manufacturing in China:
A good bit of it is - these days - remarkable. I know where to get some really nice-playing and quite well-built ones for excellent re-seller prices - which allow me to sell them to consumers for "casual" money, and the choices (as the article suggests) are mind-boggling. I also know where to get some that (though the way the bottom bow is built might make more high-end instrument manufacturers chuckle, I doubt that they would ever structurally fail, if treated with reasonable care) don't cost re-sellers any more than a typical redneck mom's trip to Walmart, and they (still: copies of Selmer, Paris style saxophones) play "just fine". What's lacking from China, currently, seems to be a "really easy to play in tune" (Yamaha equivalent) baritone saxophone. If some exist (at "Chinese" pricing), they are not common.
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Re: This town loves Kenny G . . .

Postby swillafew » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:41 am

Pat Methany has famously ripped on Kenny. I also read Downbeat magazine years ago where Joe Pass ripped on Pat in the same way, for similar reasons.
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