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Yet Another Pointless Poll

Postby the elephant » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:27 pm

Not a fan. However, I *love* the PT-6, which has superior intonation and response to the piston version, IMHO. Also, I am not prone to "ME TOO" types of horn fads.

Cast your "no" vote loudly, proudly and often!


:tuba: :tuba: :tuba: :tuba: :tuba:

Wade "donning his asbestos underpants" Rackley
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the elephant
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Re: Yet Another Pointless Poll

Postby Mark Finley » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:31 pm

I was never a fan of the "big valve" tubas. Ever pt-6P I ever played had them
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Mark Finley
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Re: Yet Another Pointless Poll

Postby bloke » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:58 pm

The Wisemann knockoffs of this model are not commonly encountered.
My guess is that there are fewer than 200 of them in the USA.
Back-to-back, in my judgment, the Wisemann will usually beat out a PT-6P, whereas it is the "exceptional" PT-6P that is better than most Wisemann knock-offs. (admission: I've only played about six or eight of each of these, but - I'd wager - that is more of either than most have tested.)

This having been said,
- The Wisemann knock-off would possibly benefit from an 80:20 alloy mouthpipe tube, as I've seen more than one person on TubeNet seeking a replacement mouthpipe tube for one of these instruments.
- I've heard from reliable sources that Buffet purchased Wisemann, though I have not confirmed this independently.
- The Wisemann knock-off's offered intonation is quite manageable indeed, and I do not use the word "manageable" as a euphemism. When I use the word, I honestly mean "manageable".
- I've never been a Wisemann dealer, and never intend on seeking a Wisemann dealership.

non sequitur:
My "Imperial" cup, the smallest shank "Imperial" back-bore that fits without bottoming out, and either a deep "Profundo" rim (style of the player's choice) or cup extender ring is an extraordinarily fine choice for these instruments (PT-6, PT-6P, or Wisemann knock-off), and will immediately greatly improve the (often: "meh") low range focus and response.

I have played a few PT-6 (rotary) tubas, and would tend to agree with Wade, though I'm not convinced that they could be "the tuba for me". Piston valves are more "slippery" (legato-playing-wise), particularly when mounted on (most) large contrabass tubas. I like "slippery" vs. the (most of the time, though some tubas seem to be less this way with rotary valves mounted on them) "on/off" characteristic of rotary valves. I have played two or three of the (PT-6 replacement...??) MRP large rotary tubas. I didn't have a chance to play them for very long, but they didn't astonish me, though some players who I respect very much are very excited about those instruments. I'd be willing to revisit them.
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Re: Yet Another Pointless Poll

Postby Ken Crawford » Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:26 am

I love my Wisemann PT6P. :)
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Ken Crawford
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