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Re: Old Miraphone 186

Postby iiipopes » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:02 am

bloke wrote:I believe I can guess what occurred:

1. The original recording bell was not wanted.
2. The wish for an upright bell was made known to a shop.
3. The shop ordered a new 17-3/4" bell, removed the collar from the original recording bell, installed it on the new bell, cut the new bell, and polished and lacquered the new bell.

bloke "minimally invasive"

That is EXACTLY the case with my 186. Vince took the collar off the recording bell and put it on a chopped St Pete bell. The problem was the bell was too short, and required the main tuning slide to be lengthened. That caused the happy accident of almost completely "fixing" the typical "flat-fifth-partials." So when I put my upright Besson bell on it, I had my tech trim it to the same length to keep the longer main tuning slide. See my thread you can search for "Bessophone."
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Re: Old Miraphone 186

Postby tubacharlie » Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:40 pm

Just an update on the 186.
I just started playing it and so far so good. It's a very nice tuba, very well balanced and in very good shape. It's the first tuba I have played with rotors not piston valves and that is going to take a little to get use to. Also having the lead pipe on the other side of the bell makes viewing the music a little different. I can feel the higher quality of the 186 over my Yamaha 321. Since I have never had a tuba with rotors before any advise on care and maintenance would be good. They seem to be a lot more mechanical and fragile then pistons so any advise on how not to damage them would be great. I always wanted a Miraphone since I played my buddies 191 and I think this might be the one. So far I cant hear much difference in sound between the 321 and 186 except the low end of the 186 is excellent. The 186 seems to tune better also.
If all goes well and I can justify spending the money on the 186 I think I will be a Miraphone man.
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