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Postby Wes Krygsman » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:05 am

I know Roweenie pretty well, and he knows my vision is poor, but this answer is the first "out of the box" response, so I hope it helps someone as it helped me.

Maybe it's time to think about getting an Ipad pro with ForScore or other tablet for music reading?

I am completely blind in my left eye due to an extreme situation with a detached retina a few years ago, and my right eye is VERY nearsighted. I have very thick/strong lens-ed glasses, or i wear a strong contact to see at all.

I luckily can see regular sheet music with a little bit of straining, but I have been slowly transitioning to the Ipad to avoid "trying" to see.

In landscape mode on the Ipad, the sheet music is blown up/enlarged and only half the "page" shows at a time. This is the music version of large print books and large print menus that are out there.

While not necessary, using the AirTurn foot pedal for scrolling/turning the pages makes this setup ideal for people who can't see well by having such large notation.

I have been using this setup more and more. After some practice, it only takes me a few minutes to scan music into the Ipad and get it ready for ForScore. I try to do that in rehearsal while the conductor's yackin' to the other sections. I also use the breaks and possibly right after rehearsal to finish anything I haven't scanned yet.

I'd be happy to demonstrate this setup in person (if you are around NJ), or maybe on a youtube video.

Let me know if I can help.
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