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played some of the John Williams Tuba Concerto on cimbasso..

Postby bloke » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:56 am

Aside from the cimbasso 5-valve (vs. 6-valve) fingerings and somewhat different "blow", the piece actually sounds very good on an instrument with a very centered sound.

The best rendition of the piece I had ever heard was a live performance of Roger Bobo (over the radio), and yes, Roger Bobo's sound was very centered.

What's particularly fun is having all of the really fast runs of pitches "pop", rather than sounding like tubas typically sound when playing fast runs of pitches. Additionally, the chords (outlined in the semi-frantic arpeggiated melodies in the first movement) become more aurally apparent.

I good friend (who has very critical ears, and who listens to a whole bunch of tuba recordings) sent me a link to James Markey playing the piece on bass trombone (which my friend claims is the only rendition they care to hear), and that gave me the idea to try it out.

Instrument-related comment (' sounds like bragging, but here goes anyway...)
It's really neat to (now) have a cimbasso that is easy to play, and that calls out to be played. Rather than bragging, the truth is that I'm grateful that I got lucky. I only had an idea, and had no idea (nor any way to pre-test) whether my design idea would work.
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