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sick and tired...

Postby bloke » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:46 pm

I picked up this really fine euphonium for stupid-cheap over twenty years ago. It had one bell crease, was missing one slide, was missing one finger button, and the original case was trashed. The fourth and main slides were wacky (hard to tell whether from the factory or from something else, because of "no visible damage".

It takes me quite a while to align a slide because - well - "perfect" takes about ten times as long as does "ok". Further, the inner/outer slide surfaces should articulate nicely without being loose (without ruining fine-fit tubes by buffing or sanding them)...and many of those triggered main slides seen on factory euphoniums are - well - loose...and yes, I'm including some of those from the European realm, and not necessarily all made in Asia.

I picked this thing up tonight to play something, and it managed to trigger (a word I learned from Farah) the "I've completely had it with this thing" in me. I just spent about an hour (more, probably...) out in the shop precision-aligning this slide.

Eventually, I hope to put a "backwards trigger" on this main slide (one that pulls the slide in, rather than pushes it out, as do all the rest). Engineering-wise, a "backwards trigger" is a much simpler proposition, and I've already imagined it in my head...but there was no reason to consider doing it until the slide actually floated (as it now does). The need for a "backwards trigger" is the the two flattest pitches on this instrument (and I do not know if it is common to all of this model...??) are the two top-of-staff "tuning notes", A and Bb.

only one more comment: If some of you had any idea how little force is required to screw up alignment as seen in this video (no, not just alignment allowed by loosely-fitting tubes), some of you (including some "pro's") would not handle your instruments the way you do.
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Re: sick and tired...

Postby roweenie » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:59 am

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