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Trip to Baltimore Brass 7/28/18

Postby Mark E. Chachich » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:43 pm

I was at Baltimore Brass today (7/28/18). Two very different CC tubas got my interest. I could play both tubas very well in tune.

B&S 3098
Very nice tuba. It felt more like my Alex than most other tubas (which I like). What I really like is that it slots fairly wide, you have to put the note in the correct place. Since I am also a string bass player this is natural. It responded well from pp to ff in all ranges. I think that this would be a fine all purpose tuba.

Conn 3J
Nice response and clear tone, good intonation. This tuba had even response in all registers. I did not play anything above a mf on this tuba.
If I were to play a lot of quintet and small ensemble jobs this would be a good tuba. It reminds me of an O-99 in CC with four valves.

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