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I just switched brands of valve oil...

Postby bloke » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:32 pm

...from "whatever it is that comes in the brown one gallon jugs" (label worn off) to softlight™, which comes in clear plastic one gallon jugs.

' looks like I'll be sticking with this brand for a while. :|

I'll report back (after some scientidotal testing) on just how well it works with filthy and lime-coated valves, or with thick oil having migrated from nearby slides - due to leaving the tuba in the trunk of the car, and/or with the tuba held at a 90° vs. a 45° angle, etc...


bloke "Remember: NEVER pull on a slide without FIRST depressing the corresponding valve. Otherwise, your valve casing might cave in. :shock: "
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