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8 Southern Jazz Duets - David Wilborn (tbn/bass tbn)

Postby bloke » Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:08 pm

One of the per-service orchestras that employs me schedules roughly-annual chamber music concerts featuring the various "families" of instruments.

Early this spring is scheduled the next brass chamber recital. Each time we've done this, more tickets have been sold, and - last time - we surprised the patrons with a LOW brass (trombones/tuba...and a hint of flute) recital...but - next spring - we're back to the two trumpets/horn/trombone/tuba thing. We're seeking to not lean so heavily on the trumpets, so we're breaking things up a bit.

One piece that will be scheduled is the Poulenc Trio. The trumpets can spell each other if they choose to do so, and the trombonist and I could also spell each other. (sorry, horn-guy :oops: ).

Another strategy to give BOTH trumpets (AND the horn) a break will be to play some trombone duets...but not (eek! :roll: ) Amsden, Blume, or Arban...as we are actually expected to entertain the folks.
The principal trombone (who recently heard these duets at a recital in Nashville, bought these duets (see title of thread, above), he and I read through them (between our last concert's dress reh. and show), and we both smiled, and actually chuckled just a little bit.

There are actually eight of these, but I suspect we'll choose four to six of them to perform. Of course, they technically feature "melodies", but they more represent various types of "feels" than offering vehicles to introduce melodies (i.e. not Mozart). Having played in a funk band (which passed for a "jazz band") for a few years (after the Katrina hurricane, which mixed-and-matched all sorts of musicians from all sorts of places), I came to appreciate the validity and pleasure of music that is more rhythmic than melodic...and I believe Mr. David Wilborn (given that there are only two instruments here, and neither play in The Clef Of Western Music) very cleverly accomplished presenting various types of "feels", without tedium, and without boring the listener/patron. The whimsical names of each of the movements offer patrons reasons to be optimistic, prior to their performances.

I'm sure I'll be playing the lower (bass trombone) part on my "cimbasso" (contrabass valve trombone), but these should work fine on a bass tuba, and the lower parts are written just barely within the range of the (compensating) euphonium.

I have NO idea how many years these duets have been in publication (apparently, at least a few years...??). :arrow: I'm probably boring a bunch of people who are already very familiar with these duets, but - nevertheless - here are some nice youtube performances of them:

USA https://www.hickeys.com/music/chamber_music/brass_ensembles/trombone_duets/products/sku065572-wilborn-southern-jazz-duets-8.php

UK https://www.warwickmusic.com/Main-Catalogue/Sheet-Music/Trombone/Trombone-Duets/Wilborn-8-Southern-Jazz-Duets-TB712
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