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Postby MackBrass » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:45 am

bloke wrote:Personally, I like those instruments more than the Jinbao copies of them (though the Jinbao copies are light years better than they were when I first saw them in the 1980's).

As a no-brainer (if I wished to own a tuba of this size/configuration) I would repair the B&S-made instrument but (well...) I wouldn't charge myself anything to do it. :|

Ask Tom McGrady if he might order you a replacement mouthpipe for a Jinbao model 200...or ask B&S (and good luck with that). If that thumb-sized dent in the lower #4 circuit tubing is epic, you might also ask Tom for that part.


I do have these in stock.
Tom McGrady
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