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Looking for other thoughts/options

Postby Voisi1ev » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:57 am

Whats up Tubenet,

I know enough of you lurking here, apologies since you folks have heard me talk about this for a while, but curious about other ideas options for horns I might be missing. I also understand the idea of getting information from randos on the internet comes with a disclaimer.

So I play in two groups.
Lansing Concert Band - Good sized wind band, I think around 75ish + or -. Plays some pretty meaty literature most of the time. Lots of "college" level stuff. Been mostly playing my Conn 52J.
Capital City Brass Band - Good group, in section 2 at NABBA. I've been playing on a Yamaha Bb Neo for about a year.

I'm hoping to eventually to turn these 2 horns into 1 for reasons...
-Lugging gear
-Expense of maintaining/outfitting 2 horns.
-Not needing to keep track of the tendencies/characteristics of 2 horns.
-Dislike of having a horn that faces right when playing in sections where most face left

Right now I'm leaning toward selling both and picking up a Prokofiev.

Reasons for the Prokofiev
-While I've also played C in brass band for a season or so, Bb horns seem to be at least 20% easier. Honestly at this point I'm pretty key neutral, none of the fingerings bug me, and there are things I like/dislike about both C and Bb.
-I love the sound from my Neo, but dislike the ergonomics of the 3+1 on a larger horn.
-Seems like the Wessex Prokofiev is in the wheel house of what I'd like, a 4+1 front action, nice big presence of sound for brass band, can probably find a suitable mouthpiece for times where I'm more interested in clarity when playing in a big section in concert band. Not interested in the Grand, I need my full chromatic range.

Curious if any of this sounds crazy/other ideas for 4+1 or compensating horns I might look at.

That said, about a 60% I just keep playing both or even just the Yamaha. Not really in a rush, just collecting ideas.

Quick Edit: I have in fact tried the Prokofiev and like it a lot.
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Re: Looking for other thoughts/options

Postby tclements » Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:19 pm

I've been playing exclusively CC since 1971, until I added an F tuba in college. Earlier this year, I purchased a Prokofiev JUST to play 'Star Wars.' Now, this is my 'go to' tuba for just about everything. If I could buy 3 for my Wind Orchestra, 2 for my Brass band, and 5 for my Community band, I would ... in a heartbeat. If you do almost exclusively big group playing, and want ONE tuba for that, Go get yourself one.
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Re: Looking for other thoughts/options

Postby barry grrr-ero » Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:34 pm

If it's a question of blending with the other BBb tubas in your Capital City Brass Band on your 52J, I'm sure Bloke could sell you a set-up that would make it blend well with them. On my "Neptune" CC tuba, I have a 'Blokepiece' that makes the horn blend perfectly with the BBb guys near me: Orchestra Grand cup (or is it Grand Orchestra?), combined with a 32.6mm Profundo rim. The "Profundo" adds an extra 1/8th inch to the overall cup depth. As much as everyone hates the Bach 24AW, I could well imagine that piece lending that kind of sound as well.

When I need fatter and faster speaking low notes, I'm going to try Bloke's new 32.9 rim on that set-up. I'm hoping it'll give me a bit bigger dynamic range and fatter low notes, yet still not cover over the BBb tubas in terms of timbre. We'll see.

I'm not in any way trying to shoot down yours and Tony's idea of a Wessex "Prokofiev". Just keep in mind that that's a very big tuba. It means getting a big gig bag and committing big space in your car, etc. Your 52J may be perfect for chamber brass situations and smallish jazz groups.
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