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resident instruments ‘in other places”

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:28 pm
by kathott
Hello. Which are your “resident instrument/s” - meaning, tubas which normally stay at your teaching facility, a concert hall or rehearsal venue? This implies the luxury of owning more than one instrument. If you like, you could indicate the approximate percentage of usage.
I am a year round cyclist (no car), and keep three tubas downtown. Usage: Mirafone 188 (40%),
Boosey and Hawkes Eb Imperial (40%), Besson Sovereign BBb (5%).
I have close mates to the CC and Eb for home practice. When I need an F, I bring it down for that week’s programme.
Although it is very convenient not having to schlep, there are some drawbacks, chiefly, keeping track of the various playing tendencies of the ‘hall versus home’ instruments.