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Looking for a Cerveny 4/4

Postby edsel585960 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:40 am

Looking for a CBB/ABB 681 or similar model (601,686,691,696) for a friend. He's looking for a horn that has decent lacquer and not a lot of dents. I've tried to steer him toward a 683 but he wants a 4/4 or possibly a 5/4 horn. Looking for $ 1000-1500 give or take a few hundred. He has a MW 3 valve model 10 and doesn't like the intonation. He liked the way my 681 plays and would like to find one. I'd sell him mine but it has a little too much "character" for his taste. :) He'd also consider at St. Pete 202. We live in South Florida. He summers in Michigan. Thanks, Dan
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