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WTB Marzan Bb

Postby dantetuba » Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:21 pm

Hello guys,

Now its time to buy my double bass tuba.
I researched a lot to know what's a good deal to e my double bass and I decided to buy a Marzan because it's a solid horn and I saw that the Bb version it's a little large than the CC and plays better.
There is a lot of good Bb tubas out there but I would like to but it.
If you know someone or know where they are selling please let me know.

Thanks for help me

Greetings from Brazil :tuba:

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Re: WTB Marzan Bb

Postby the elephant » Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:46 pm

Dante, Dan S. has a nice Marzan BBb for sale for $3,500US. I believe this to be the tuba I played when he visited Mississippi years ago. If so it is a gem. If not then I am sure it is still a very good horn.

The BBb is only marginally larger, like an inch taller, maybe, but it plays somewhat better and easier than the CC version. I believe all the research went into the BBb horn and the CC is simply a cut-down version, much like the Alexander 163 is the horn that was designed, and the CC was simply chopped from that.

Good luck!

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