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Found - Laskey 30G Euro

Postby WakinAZ » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:58 pm


Looking for a Laskey 30G Euro in good condition.
Will buy or
Potentially trade for:
    -Laskey 30h American Shank,
    -Sellmansberger / bloke piece Symphony American shank with flattish Helleberg style rim
    (I don't have the exact rim model in front of me- I think it's a 32 something I can look it up if you're interested), older 2 piece setup
    -PT-50 S (smaller shank for older American receivers, similar to Bach or Conn helleberg shanks)
    -Yamaha 67C4 euro shank
    -Chinese knockoff Yamaha 67C4 euro shank
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