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WTB: 186 Complete Slide Tubing Set

Postby the elephant » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:24 pm

I am looking for a set of old 186 slide tubes.

What I need is all four valve slides, complete, with the outer legs and fixed braces that live between the slide legs (but not any other braces from the valve section) and the runs of tubing from the outer legs up to the valves. Ferrules to the valves would be a plus, but not needed. This is a collection of oddly shaped tubes that is a PITA to scrounge up without spending a ton on new parts or on a complete tuba.

What I do *not* need is any part of the bugle itself, nor any of the MTS section up to 4th valve. I also do not need the leadpipe. And finally, I do not need the valves; keep them. I just want the complete slide circuits.

Finish does not matter, but they cannot be bent up or dented too badly. (I can work with just about anything, but I don't want to waste a lot of time with the dent balls.)

Anyone have a complete set of these parts in boxes somewhere? They do not need to come from the same horn. Some can be from
BBb and some from CC, since they all hook up to the valves the same. I can alter the lengths as needed, though a set of tubes from an old CC would save me a lot of math and time.

I would consider a complete horn that was missing the bell or bottom bow or the valves, but I do not have much to spend, so the fewer unneeded parts the better for me. (It will also be much cheaper to ship just what I need.)

PM me if you can help out. We can talk about price and all that mess once I see what you have to offer.

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