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F tuba to borrow/rent

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:30 pm
by ECUorchbound
Hi Tubenet,

I was wondering if there was anyone in the Austin, TX (or anywhere within driving range of) that has an F tuba that I could borrow/rent for the next couple of months. I'm preparing for a regional orchestra audition (Victoria Symphony) and do not have an F tuba at the moment (sold it back in February in order to move here). My financial situation has put me in a difficult spot (unemployed for the last month) and I've not be able to put away money for the F tuba I'm wanting to purchase. I've not played in an orchestra for over a year and I'm ready to finally change that since having moved to Texas. I'm happy to work out any agreement to make this happen. I'm not asking for hand out, I'm simply asking for help. Thanks y'all!