Valve Buttons (Caps) for an 1890s Conn Helicon

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Valve Buttons (Caps) for an 1890s Conn Helicon

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Hi. I am looking for valve button / caps that will fit my Conn 1890s Eb helicon. I have two of the originals, complete with faded silver plating, but I am missing one. I have a substitute that fits from a screw hole size point of view, but the metal on the bottom of the button clashes with the raised metal on the top of the valve cap, and does not allow the valve to completely close.

Here is a photo of the helicon, and photos of one of my valve cap buttons next to a modern Conn one. Mine are smaller in diameter, and have a smaller screw size.

Does anyone have anything they would like to part with? Preferably three so that they would be all matched, but if someone has one I would be interested in buying it.

Bb Besson & Co, 1917, Grandpa's old tuba
Eb Conn Helicon, 1893
Bb Miraphone 186, 1970, cosmetic challenges
Bb Martin Mammoth, 1958, stunning
Besson valve trombone, 1895, great shape
Bb King 1241, 1955, w/both bells
Bb Conn 38k Sousa, 1923, satin gold
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